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06-17-2021 - 06-18-2021

Mental Health 101: What Preventionists Need to Know

“Mental Health” can seem like a daunting concept to understand. Further, what do we as preventionists need to know about it? This training will provide an overview of important topics including stress, anxiety, and depression. We will explore the biology of stress and some of the unhealthy ways people behave in an effort to find peace. We will also delve into common mental health issues and how these relate to substance use and misuse. Resources that can provide more insight into mental health will be shared. 


DATE: June 17 - 18 (9:00-12:30 noon each day)
LOCATION: Live web-based
LEVEL: Intermediate
TRAINER: Donna Lucero, MA, LPCC
FEE: $150

06-21-2021 - 06-29-2021

Evidence-based Substance Use Prevention

Substance use prevention is an ever-evolving science. This training is intended to provide participants with a comprehensive overview of evidence-based substance use prevention. Participants will explore: the substances they are working to prevent, the history of substance use prevention, theories and models that have laid the foundation of prevention science, and how evidence-based is defined. Further prevention categories, strategies, and outcomes will be reviewed. Throughout the training participants will be developing a workbook that will serve as a helpful resource. This training will lay a solid foundation of knowledge for implementing evidence-based prevention.

LEVEL: Beginning
DEVELOPED BY: Paula Feathers, MA
FEE: $200

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